Mobile Experience: anywhere, any time

Take your favourite shows with you, wherever you go. Simply download the thundr app to enjoy dramas, movies, and user created content – anywhere, any time.

IOS app as coming soon!
Download the thundr app

Try thundr for free by downloading our app, available on both the Apple Store (for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks) and Google Play (for all Android devices).

Big Screen Experience: Watch from your TV

Watch everything thundr has to offer on your TV, with the thundr box.

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For the first time ever, enjoy the world’s largest collection of video selections with one device or app.

Never run out of programmes to watch with thundr's large collection of entertainment channels – viewable from the comfort of your big screen TV or mobile device. thundr gives you access to the globe’s widest selection of movies, documentaries, user created content and TV programmes – including Korean Dramas, Japanese Anime, Chinese, Tamil, Hindi Shows, Central Asia Channels, North American Channels, and European Channels.

Chilling with loved
ones with content you love.

Spend your time with people that matter most with content from various providers, including user generated ones. Access our universe of entertainment with just a click of the button.

Entertainment For The Family

Spend quality time with your kids with curated, child-friendly programmes and games that are both entertaining and educational.

thundr Gives You Access

Enjoy your favourite shows from China and Korea, and programmes from Central Asia, North America and Europe.


But wait, it gets even better.

With thundr, you can be a content creator and channel owner. Create videos, then share your work with loved ones, or the world.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you can showcase your content on a global e-commerce platform, and earn a living doing what you love. Simply share your videos with other thundr users and allow them to subscribe to your content for free – or make money by selling your best video content on our platform.

You can be the star of your own TV show, showcase your original music, or bring audiences on exotic travels with you

– while making an income, doing what you love.



Step 1:

Create Incredible Videos

Think of videos that you would enjoy creating, and audiences would love watching.

Step 2:

Share Your Videos

Create a channel and upload your videos to thundr.

Step 3:

Build a Loyal Fanbase

Gain recognition, fame, and fans who enjoy your videos and are willing to pay you for more.


Is the content in thundr legal?

Yes, all content provided by thundr is 100% legal. thundr purchases the rights from TB stations and movie studios, and partners with content creators to distribute high-quality contetn via the thundr box and app.

What internet speed do I need to run thundr services?

A minimun 2Mbps connection is recommended for the best streaming quality. To stream HD content, you need a minimum 4Mbps connection.

Where can I get thundr box?

thundr is available for purchase online at